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December 21, 2000
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Joel Hedgpeth is an incredible environmentalist, naturalist, historian, and scientist. Joel Hedgpeth is interconnected with Ed Ricketts, John Steinbeck, Between Pacific Tides, Marine Biology, Natural History, and California wild nature. The web pages below were created and compiled to guide the curious individual into the realm of "knowledge is power" and "breaking through." Another phrase could be: "In the elders there is wisdom." There is something to be said for just plain pure education, knowledge, and curiosity to know about natural landscapes from the perspective of WILD NATURE. It also hoped that these web pages will help educate us all about the inter-relationships of the land and the sea, through the eyes of a gifted marine naturalist and historian of marine biology. As this web page is basically about the sea, it seems fitting to inform you that it was compiled in conjuntion with the unique lunar cycle of the winter solstice of December 21, 2000, between some very high tides and low tides. Finally, it is simply amazing to know that Joel Hedgpeth has been writing for over 61 years (1939-2000) on subjects such as wild nature, salmon, ecology, oceans, tidepools, dams, science, biogeography, sea spiders, John Steinbeck, and Edward "Doc" Ricketts.

American White-feathered "Bald" Eagle ... and ... American Joel Hedgpeth
Breaking Through To The Outer Shores With Ricketts, Steinbeck & Marine Biology

Hedgpeth in Between Pacific Tides, 1985American Bald Eagle Hedgpeth on Ricketts Street

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