Richard Brusca, Joel Hedgpeth & Ed Ricketts:
Marine Biologists & Naturalists, Reflections & Anthology

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle
Breaking Through
Littoral Fish Flesh
From An
American Osprey
The Outer Shores
Somewhere In
California Wild Nature

compiled by
Robert "Roy" J. van de Hoek
December 21, 2000
Winter Solstice
Malibu, California

Richard Brusca, an influential naturalist & marine biologist in his own right, reflects upon Edward Ricketts, Joel Hedgpeth, and John Steinbeck, regarding 'tidepools' with consequent reflections back from Hedgpeth in one form or another. It is interesting to note that there is a lineage of naturalists that spins off from former naturalists, not necessarily related by the amount of education at a University, but rather by the love of the seashore,nature, and teaching natural history. In these web pages of course it must always reflect back upon California Wild Nature. These web pages were created and compiled to guide the curious individual into the realm of "knowledge is power" & "breaking through" as guiding principles. "In the elders there is wisdom" is another phrase that could have been added, and now it is added. There is something to be said for just plain pure education, knowledge, and curiosity to know about natural landscapes from the perspective of WILD NATURE. It is hoped that these web pages will help educate us all about the inter-relationships of the land and the sea, through the eyes of gifted marine naturalists and historians of marine biology. It is simply amazing to know that Richard Brusca has been influenced not only by Edward Ricketts, but also by Joel Hedgpeth, who has been writing for over 61 years (1939-2000) on subjects such as wild nature, salmon, ecology, oceans, tidepools, dams, science, biogeography, sea spiders, John Steinbeck, and 'Doc' Ed Ricketts.

1973: Richard Brusca on Ricketts, Steinbeck, Hedgpeth & Beebe
1980: Richard Brusca on Ricketts, Steinbeck, Hedgpeth: Thoughts in 1980
1978: Two Brusca Brothers Acknowledge Joel Hedgpeth
1978: Joel Hedgpeth acknowledges Richard Brusca
1997: Joel Hedgpeth & 'Doc' Ed Ricketts acknowledge Richard Brusca for his 1980 Work