Science and Scientists

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Nature and Naturalists

Ralph Hoffmann: Teacher, Ornithologist, and Botanist (1870-1932)

Edith Purer, USC PhD

Joseph Grinnell Anthology

LeRoy Abrams Anthology

Edward Ricketts Anthology: Marine Biologist at Pacific Biological Labs in Monterey-Pacific Grove

Sandy Beaches by Doc

Ricketts' Estuary Quotes

Ricketts' Field Trips

Joel Hedgpeth Anthology of His Writings: 1940s to 2001

Rim Fay Anthology: Marine Biologist at Los Angeles, Malibu, Oxnard

George MacGinitie Anthology: Marine Biologist at Newport Bay Cal Tech Laboratory

Joseph Ewan Anthology

Nesta Dunn Ewan:California

Lawrence Booth Anthology

George Willett Anthology

Henry D. Thoreau on Eagles

Ernest Braunton

Anstruther Davidson

W. Lee Chambers Anthology: Birds in Los Angeles in the 1890s

Elna Bakker, Sea Otters, Ballona at Playa del Rey

Coast Tramp: Mary Austin

Blanche Trask Anthology

Samuel Parish Anthology

Irene Wheelock: Birds Nature

Blanche Trask: Catalina Heart
Wild Bird: August 1997

Willis Jepson Anthology

Charles Holder: Blue Cavern

John Muir: Blue Herons

Donald Reish on: RED TIDES of California