Compiled, Scribed, and Edited
Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek, RC

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Ernest Callenbach's Biosphere/Ecosphere Definition
These two terms are virtually interchangeable. "Biosphere" refers to the global skin where life exists: animals, plants, fungi, and microbes, sometimes all together called the biota. "Ecosphere" also refers to all living beings on Earth but gives a stronger sense of their interconnections with their nonliving environment (soil, rocks, air, and water). For convenience, the biosphere/ecosphere can be divided into parts such as ECOSYSTEMS, BIOREGIONS, or COMMUNITIES. But it is really one single, interconnected entity, and it is what makes our lives possible. No one can ever be independent, even for a short time, from the biosphere.

Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek


Knowing our biosphere links links us naturally to sustainability and values. It's important and I hope that a careful reading of the defintion of BIOSPHERE and also INTERDEPENDENCE has lead you also to a better understanding of the definition of VALUES and SUSTAINABILITY by Ernest Callenbach.