Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek, Ballona Institute President
Los Angeles (Playa del Rey), California 90293
June 17, 2014
Ross H. Pohlo: Biography Note and Annotated Bibliography of a Fine Professor
         Ross Henry Pohlo was born in 1931. Ross studied for a B.S. in Geology from 1950 to 1954 at the University of Illinois. Ross continued his studies for a M.S. in Geology at the University of Arkansas from 1955 to 1958. He completed a Ph.D in Paleozoology at the University of Chicago in 1961. In 1962, Ross went to Sweden at the Kristineberg Zoological Station and then he came to California as a Sverdrup Post-doctoral Fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego. Joel Hedgpeth (1968: 519-521) listed 4 articles Ross in the bibliography of Ed Ricketts' Between Pacific Tides, with a pithy nod to Ross on clam ecology: "Not a deposit, but a suspension feeder." In 1963, Ross became an assistant professor of biology at San Fernando Valley State College in Los Angeles. Ross advanced to associate professor in 1968 and to full professor in 1971. In 1972, Ross mentored Hugh Ellis to study a clam, Protothaca staminea (Conrad, 1837) at Mugu Lagoon, Tomales Bay, and Ballona Lagoon (Venice Canals near Marina Del Rey). Ross was on committees of several Earl Segal M.S. students (Carla Bowman, Ray Wells, Joe Frantz, Kevan Main). In 1995, Ross retired after 32 years at CSUN. Presented below is an annotated bibliography of 9 articles by Dr. Pohlo and his two theses.
1958: M.S. Thesis, 28p. University of Arkansas. Ross studied Arkansas carboniferous geology.
1961: Ph.D. Thesis, 87p. University of Chicago. Ross studied pelecypod (clam) adaptations.
1962: Journal of Geology 70 (2): 505-506. At Kristineberg Zoological Station in Sweden, Ross wrote a book review: Search for the Past. Ballona Institute has 2 copies of this book.
1963. Veliger 6 (2): 98-104. Ross studied Siliqua patula (Dixon, 1788) and Solen rosaceus Carpenter, 1865 at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California as a Sverdrup Post-doctoral Fellow.
1964. Malacologia 1 (3): 321-330. Ecology of 43 Tresus nuttallii (Conrad, 1837) at Tomales Bay.
1966. Veliger 8 (4): 225. Ross studied Tagelus californianus (Conrad, 1837) and Macoma nasuta (Conrad, 1837) at Tomales Bay, San Diego, Mugu Lagoon, an an unknown 4th location. Ballona Institute has a reprint.
1967. Veliger 9 (3): 330-337. Donax gouldi Dall, 1921 studied at San Diego, LA, and Estero Beach.
1969. Malacological Society of London 38: 361-364. Ross Pohlo clarified clam ecology. Ross thanked Earl Segal for his critical review. Ballona Institute has a reprint.
1972. Veliger 14 (3): 298-301. Ross Pohlo studied Nuttallia nuttallii (Conrad, 1837)[=Sanguinolaria nuttallii Conrad, 1837] at Newport Bay and Mugu Lagoon.
1973. Malacologia 12 (1): 1-11. Tagelus californianus (Conrad, 1837) and Florimetis obesa (Deshayes, 1855) collected from Mugu Lagoon and Newport Bay. Ballona Institute has a reprint.
1982. Journal of Molluscan Studies 48 (3): 245-256. Ross Pohlo analyzed Tellinacean evolution.