About the Author: 1963
Ernest Sheldon Booth (1915-1984)
An Autobiography Note

Compiled by
Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek
Ballona Institute
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©December 17, 2010

Ernest S. Booth has spent more than 30 years studying the birds from Alaska to South America, in the Eastern States and in the West. For many years bird watching was Dr. Booth's major hobby, then in 1938 he became chairman of the department of biological sciences at Walla Walla College, which position he held for 20 years. At present Dr. Booth is Professor of Biology, at Loma Lina University in California. Since 1932 he has kept complete records of every bird seen each year, using the system outlined in this book. He has conducted 14 field expeditions to Mexico, Central America, Canada, and Alaska with groups of students for the study of birds, in addition to his personal trips to Hawaii, Midway Islands, The West Indies and South America. He has produced several motion picture lectures which hs has shown in 42 states and provinces during the past 15 years. He has taught bird study classes for Youth Camps during summer months. The field guide is an outgrowth of these varied experiences with young people and birds.

Robert "Roy" van de Hoek
This brief autobiography note first appeared in 1963 in a small book written by Ernest Booth called Western Bird Guide for Youth. This book was self-published by Ernest Booth, under the name of Outdoor Pictures, from Escondido, California. The artwork on the cover of the book was by his good friend, Harry Baerg. The illustrations in the text were by Jocelyn Cass. And the endsheets, including the map of the western United States and the various projects and activities of children was prepared by Joe Maniscalco. The Ballona Institute has a copy of this book in the library archives.