Ernest Sheldon Booth (1915-1984)
Professor & Vertebrate Zoologist

Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek
Ballona Institute
322 Culver Blvd., Suite 317
Playa del Rey, California 90293
(310) 821-9045
ŠNovember 29, 2010

The "life and times" of Ernest Sheldon Booth begins in 1915, nearly 100 years ago, when he was born. Ernest Booth wrote a very interesting book, important for nature lovers and those people interested in animals, particularly mammals, which is entitled: Mammals of Southern California. Ernest Booth wrote the book in 1968, but appears to have collected some information for the book in 1965, when he was here in Los Angeles. Ernest Booth observed mammals in Santa Monica and at the Salton Sea. And Ernest Booth visited Exposition Park near USC, in order to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Did Ernest Booth believe in sustainability? Ernest Booth appears to have been concerned with conservation of our earth. The values of Ernest Booth for importance of nature and wildlife to American society fits the model of Ernest Callenbach on ecology. And I see clearly that Ernest Sheldon Booth supported the wonderful science of ecology and natural history, including sustainability and ecosystems of planet Earth.