Ralph Hoffmann on Birds:
From Field And Study

A Large Flock of Swans Wintering at Santa Barbara
Condor, volume 22, page 77.
March 1920.

Compiled and Edited by
Robert 'Roy' J. van de Hoek
Malibu, California

A Large Flock of Swans Wintering at Santa Barbara. - In the middle of November, about a dozen Whistling Swans (Olor combianus) were observed on a small pond on the Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara. On December 24 their number had increased to forty-four. The pond is protected and is the resort for hundreds of water-fowl. - Ralph Hoffmann, Santa Barbara, California, December 29, 1919.

Concluding Remarks
Robert Roy van de Hoek

The Swans are protected from "guns" is what Ralph Hoffmann tells us, perhaps quite accidentally, or purposely with "hope," because it was on the Hope Ranch near Santa Barbara. Does this pond exist today? Ralph Hoffmann did the Christmas count at Santa Barbara this year, and he had just moved to California in December to become a school teacher in Carpenteria. Thus we see that it did not take long for this avid naturalist to be out in the field and making a study of Swans and water-fowl.