Robert Roy van de Hoek
November 1, 2002
Malibu, California

George Willett is an important person to know about if one studies natural history of southern California. During the first half of the 20th Century, he wrote numerous articles about the birds and snails of southern California. George Willett was also the first curator of birds for the newly formed Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History in Exposition Park in the 1920s to 1940s. It is for those reasons, that I have edited and compiled this George Willett Anthology presented on the web site will attempt over time to present all the naturalist writing by George Willett as well as writings about him by his various colleagues. George Willett also visited many of the Channel Islands and Baja California islands, as well as writing about those trips. I was also fascinated with the discovery that George Willett studied northeastern California because my own career took me there for employment on the Modoc National Forest from 1983 to 1988, where I also taught at Lassen College. And early in George Willett's career, he also explored Alaska. The last known article written by George Willett is his essay on the faunal changes of Los Angeles, which is the first article presented to you on this web site. That final culminating article by George Willett that basically sums up his philosophy and sadness about nature in Los Angeles. What is also sad is how this article was not largely disseminated to the public of Los Angeles. But now hopefully, people will read this article by George Willett on the faunal changes of a once wilder, more colorful and beautiufl Los Angeles.

Faunal Changes of Southern California, by George Willett, 1945

Birds of Southern California, by George Willett, 1912

Birds of Southern California, by George Willett, 1933

Channel Islands Explorer: George Willett from 1904-1941, by Robert Roy van de Hoek, 2002

George Willett: 1879 - 1945 by John Adams Comstock, 1945

George Willett Discusses Baldwin Hills, by Robert Roy van de Hoek, 2002

George Willett Discusses Quail Concerns, by Robert Roy van de Hoek, 2002