Edward F. Ricketts
circa mid-1940s to 1948?
Unpublished Rumination and Musing About a Book Title?
1938 Photo of Ed Ricketts

Compiled by
Robert 'Roy' J. van de Hoek
Field Biologist & Geographer
Sierra Club, Wetlands Action Network, National Audubon Society

Ed Ricketts Participation Philosophy Excerpts:
"Participation is, if not the most dramatic, at least the most deeply interesting thing in the world. To the degree of its intensity or depth, it's 'all things' not superficially disseminated or spread out - diffused, but deeply, participatingly, all things, and so, in its absolute sense, beyond life, but often glimpsed nevertheless . . ."

Concluding Remarks and Sources
Robert Roy van de Hoek
Postcript from Joel Hedgpeth: "The three philosophical essays, "Not-teleological Thinking," "The Philosophy of Breaking Through," and "A Spiritual Morphology of Poetry" were considered to be phases of an examination of "the pure thing" which Ed called "Participation," and he thought this word would be a suitable title for the finished work." Research is needed to see if this Ricketts quote on Participation is in the Stanford University archives, and perhaps only Joel Hedgpeth knows where this Ed Ricketts statement on Participation is archived?

Reference source: Hedgpeth, Joel. 1978. The Outer Shores, Part 2: Breaking Trhough, Page 57, Volume II, From the papers of Edward F. Ricketts, introduced and edited by Joel W. Hedgpeth. Mad River Press, Eureka, California. 182p.