for a
which shall be motivated oppositely to John's

Edward F. Ricketts
1938 Photo of Ed Ricketts

Compiled by
Robert 'Roy' J. van de Hoek
Field Biologist & Geographer
Sierra Club, Wetlands Action Network, National Audubon Society

I. Thesis
II. Materials for a Script
.....A. Plan
.....B. Prelude
.....C. Part I; The Way Things Have Been
.....D. Part II: The New Thing Creeping In
.....E. Part III: The Result - The Debacle
.....F. Postlude

I. Thesis
There are two types of entities:
(1)The outer or intellectual-material things, related to the realm of physical and mental acquisitions: communication and transportation; education in the formal and usual sense, . . . [to be completed fully at a later time]

F. Postlude
A group of assembly line workers, spending their day of rest in the State Museum (of the future), as all good workers should do, passing before the painting shown in the prelude, smile all gone now, significantly and sadly reading the words (now all the workers can read):

"La verdadera civilizacion sera la harmonia de los
hombres in la tierra y de los hombres entre se."

Concluding Remarks and Sources
Robert Roy van de Hoek
To begin this analysis it is most appropriate to consult what Joel Hedgepth wrote about in 1978: "This antiscript is a reaction to the book version of The Forgotten Village, which consists of a brief introductions by John Steinbeck, and captions from the narration, . . .Probably Ed never saw the film itself. A startling aspect of the film is the resemblance of the doctor to Ed in stature, build and manner of holding his head and moving about. Compare for example, the scene on page 119 of the book with the photograph of Ed taken by Willard Bascom in this volume. Ed did not, apparently, notice this resemblance which comes out more strongly in the film, nor did he comment on the usual inept stage business of a microscope set at lower power and tilted to observe bacteria in a water drop preparation. The casting was not deliberate; according to Herb Kline, the only person they could find for the doctor was athe visiting interne or sanitarian himself." I will provide my own analysis in a future revision of this web page. I will say that it would be enlightening to make a movie or play based on Ed Ricketts' SCRIPT ON MEXICO.