Ballona Institute Publication 10 October 2014


Robert Jan "Roy" van de Hoek, President
Ballona Institute
Los Angeles, California 90293
İOctober 10, 2014

          Grace Heintz had great respect for George Hastings. In her 1976 book, Trees of Santa Monica, she wrote a very nice essay about his life that she entitled: IN APPRECIATION. Presented below is that essay.
                    Robert Jan van de Hoek, Santa Monica, California, October 10, 2014
          George T. Hastings was born in 1875 and graduated from Cornell University in 1898. Here he undoubtedly came under the influence of Liberty Hyde Bailey, one of the 'greats' of Horticulture and Plant Taxonomy, who had begun his life-long association with Cornell in 1888.
          Following graduation Mr. Hastings taught in Chile for several years, and later married a girl whose family had provided a home and care for him when he was ill with typhoid.
          After his return to the States, Mr. Hastings was associated for a time with the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History. Later he taught in several large New York high schools where he served as head of the Science Department.
          Ridden with asthma he came to California after retirement against the advice of his doctor and lived for 23 more years. Walking the streets near his home which was in the 800 block on Euclid he became intrigued with the vegetation around him. Soon he was riding a bicyle into farther and farther areas. The UCLA Botanic Garden was a favorite retreat and Wayne Hansis says when he first came to UCLA Mr. Hastings was there labeling trees.
          He founded the Santa Monica Nature Club, an organization still active. He served as a Scout leader for many years. The Audubon Society dedicated an area in the Bird Sanctuary in Arcadia to him.
          His first edition of Trees of Santa Monica was published in 1944, second edition in 1956. On Oct. 10th, 1963 Mr. Hastings 88th birthday, a plaque was unveiled in his honor in Palisades Park. He died the following spring.
Robert "Roy" van de Hoek, Los Angeles, California, October 10, 2014
          George Hastings was an incredible scientist and naturalist who studied trees, birds, and shared his knowledge of nature. In fact, he founded the Santa Monica Nature Club. Grace Heintz acknowledged George Hastings in her 1976 book, TREES OF SANTA MONICA and the City of Santa Monica dedicated a plaque about George Hastings in Palisades Park.