Robert Jan van de Hoek

Los Angeles, California

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
The Yosemite

John Muir wrote his classic book, The Yosemite, while staying as a guest at the historic homes of two supportive families in Los Angeles County in South Pasadena (this home still exists) and in the West Adams District (this home was destroyed during construction of the Santa Monica Freeway).

During the time that John Muir was writing The Yosemite in 1901 to 1902, John made sauntering walks from the historic West Adams District of Los Angeles to the seashore via the swamps of the La Cienega near Culver City and followed Ballona Creek to the marsh lands where he observed the autumn-like colors of Pacific Swampfire.

In the era of John Muir, the name for Pacific Swampfire was "pickleweed" because pioneer ranchers and pioneer farmers despised this distinctive native plant. Unfortunately, most scientists, most native plant enthusiasts, politicians, and journalists have inherited and adopted the name Pickleweed. However, a new generation of botanical scientists and growing number of citizen naturalists renamed Pickleweed as Pacific Swampfire, eliminating the word "weed" from the name. Simultaneously, the name now accurately reflects the geography and habitat genuinely as "Pacific Swamp" with "Fire" describing the beautiful red color of the leaves especially in Autumn. This phenomenon is indeed some genuine progress for this very special native plant.


CSUN Biological Sciences Department History
Ross Pohlo: Professor, Marine Paleoecologist, Zoologist, Geologist
Earl Segal: Professor, Marine Biologist, Zoologist, Malacologist

Trees of Santa Monica on 16th Street in 1944

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19th Symposium: 1993 - Riparian Plant Ecology
20th Symposium: 1994 - Impacts of Non-Native Plants


Boney Mountain Wilderness


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Los Angeles Botanists
Peter Raven at Malibu Lagoon in 1959
Le Roy Abrams in Los Angeles from 1898 to 1902

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Rimmon Carlton Fay, Marine Biologist
Richard Knapp Allen, Entomologist & Limnologist
Earl Segal, CSUN Professor, Invertebrate Zoologist
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